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My Favorite Chef Makes The News

Haven't heard of Brittany Baldwin, yet? Now's your chance to read a profile in the article 40 chefs under 40. Brittany's Portland Home Chef is number 3!

Brittany makes food that tastes great, is healthy, and follows her belief that utilizing the local food source is an affordable and sustainable option to mass produced foods. What the article doesn't say is that Brittany's poetry is as tasty as her recipes. The best moments occur when tasting a perfectly crafted meal and listening to Brittany read her poems for dessert.

Her book of poems, Broken Knuckles Against Knives Cutting The Food To Feed Me Through This (2005) is a rich collection that takes the reader into the kitchen, garden and heart of the writer. It may be time for Brittany to consider a second printing or to offer us a new collection.

Like her poems, Brittany doesn't do anything halfway. Portland Home Chef can provide you with a relationship to the chef, her recipes, and her garden. Brittany wants to know what you like, what your kids will eat, what your schedule demands and how you imagine dinners that magically appear each evening. This allows her to craft a menu customized to your lifestyle. She lovingly prepares the meals in your kitchen and stores them in the fridge or freezer with written instructions for heating and serving.

It sounds simple because Brittany does what's needed to keep it simple for you. Imagine, you don't have to order take out, decide where to dine out, or slog through cupboards to assemble a meal. And, these aren't bland, microwave dinners. They are healthy magnificent meals that can't be mass produced. How do I know? Last year I gave my daughter the gift of Portland Home Chef meals for her birthday week. The result, rave reviews!


Brittany Baldwin
Portland Home Chef

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