And the day came when the risk it took to remain tightly closed in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom. Anais Nin


Life In Ghost Town

I'm ready to break free of winter and fly headfirst into spring! It's still grey, damp, and chilly outside, but I am filled with great hope that things will improve over the next month. I have evidence.

All around the yard there are green shoots emerging from early blooming bulbs. Soon there will be color. Not to say that green isn't a color -- right now it's the only color.

Last year I bought a Forsythia plant and plunked it in a big pot. I have babied it all winter and to my surprise, it has long, willowy branches with buds. The buds are still closed tight, but soon they will bring me a rousing shade of yellow.

It will be at that point when I clip several (not all, I hope) and bring them inside. I have a beautiful, tall, multicolored glass vase and a spot on the table picked out. When this happens I'll know that spring has just about arrived. I imagine that I'll immediately feel warmer. I'll see the possibilities in things. I'll get ready to emerge from the "hibernating me" that I've endured all these winter months.

Today, I will watch the sky for a moment of sun. I'll count the birds brave enough to dip in the cold rainwater collecting in the birdbath. And, I'll whisper a few more words of encouragement to the delicate yellow friend who lives in my yard.

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