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BOOK RELEASE - VoiceCatcher 3

Great Book News:
VoiceCatcher 3 - the third edition of VoiceCatcher, an anthology of Portland-area women's writing is now available in local bookstores and New Season's Markets. This year's edition captures the work of 62 local poets and prose writers. It is a lovely collection and just the right book for your fall and winter reading.

I'm pleased that the VoiceCatcher Editorial Collective selected my poem "Wind-Wing" for VoiceCatcher 3. Also, I'm truly honored to be featured alongside so many talented women.

If you have a chance, catch this VoiceCatcher reading:

Powell's City of Books
This reading will feature work by Emily Kendal Frey, Sarah Bartlett, FeLicia Elam, Sandra Sakurai, Tiel Aisha Ansari and Patricia Kullberg and will be hosted by VoiceCatcher3 editor Sara Guest and members of the editorial collective.

Powell's City of Books - Downtown Portland at 10th and Burnside
Monday, November 17 at 7:30pm

VoiceCatcher grew out of a community of women writers and is an offering to the wider community of readers. Please come show your support for the project and join in celebrating local artists! For more information visit

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