And the day came when the risk it took to remain tightly closed in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom. Anais Nin


Wondering What's Next

Just this week, three friends told me they have lost their jobs or been put on temporary leave while the business adjusts. On the news, two local employers are closing down a major part of their operations after decades of production. Like these and other folks impacted by this volatile economy, I'm wondering what's next?

The pressure of waiting for the other shoe to drop is hard on people. It brings on anxiety and fear. These two emotions cause short tempers and frequently, the urge to withdraw from others. It's natural to feel alone when it seems the roof is falling in.

Most people will tell you this is when you need people the most. Really, this is just common sense. But, how many of us isolate? Sure, take some time alone to think through these changes, to ponder your options, and to gather information. Then, talk to others. You may think others don't want to hear your troubles, and that might be true - but other people have life experiences that can shed light on your current situation.

Remember, there's strength in numbers - don't tough it out alone.

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